Running a small or medium enterprise (SME) or a not-for-profit (NFP) organisation can be difficult and often finding solutions is time consuming and not cost effective for CEOs. Strategic Enterprise Consulting specialises in business development and growth, corporate governance, strategic direction and financial management.  We will assist you ensure that long-term strategic objectives and business plans are established and that the direction, polices and processes of your business are all in line to help you achieve the desired objectives.

Many regional SMEs and NFPs often face times of financial stress. We can help you manage this stress whilst training you to use various accounting tools such as a cash flow, a profit and loss statement and a budget.   Low financial literacy increases people’s vulnerability to financial pressure and can place them at a great disadvantage. We will ensure that our support includes capacity building and easy to understand clear explanations of accounting systems and how to quickly analyse your business and pinpoint areas of concern.

We can help small businesses budget, cut costs, increase income, work on diversifying the business, identify ways to increase profitability, make optimum use of resources, manage budget blow-outs, mentor small business owners, prepare business plans and assist owners implement them.

Peter Drucker’s quote “Do what you do best and outsource the rest” has been a strong influence in the development of businesses in the 21st century. We aim to support your business through a model where both parties work together to achieve mutually agreed-upon desired outcomes. Ensuring that you receive tangible benefits and long term growth or simply better management of your business.

Don’t struggle alone and don’t wait until it is too late. Remember that the key to small business success is continuous improvement. Have someone help you each step of the way.