1)    Business appraisal

We will assess your business by

  •  identifying ways to increase profitability
  •  identifying ways of cutting costs
  • identifying ways of diversifying business to generate additional income
  • identifying ways of making optimum use of existing resources
  • identifying networking opportunities to enhance progress and maximize business potential
  • identifying barriers to growth
  • identifying or pinpointing any areas of concern with the current business and processes.
  • making recommendations on how to develop your products and programs (whichever is appropriate)
  • identifying any possible barriers to growth or good administration that currently exist within the organisation

2)    Senior staff recruitment

Often recruiting senior executive staff can be a time consuming process that may not result in the quality of applicants and/or recruitment. We will use our HR expertise, networks and knowledge of SME to help develop a job description, selection criteria, advertisement and interview questions. We will also help you choose an interview panel and develop Key Performance Indicators based on business appraisal and identified needs. Lastly, we will assist you draft a duty statement and an employment contract. This will help you secure the right staff for the job and avoid recruiting incompetent people who don’t get the job done. It will also help you save time and money and avoid stress in the long run.

3)    CEO/BOD Mentoring

Often small and medium enterprises (SMEs) especially those in regional areas don’t have the resources to pay large sums of money for senior executives and are therefore unable to attract the quality of staff that you might be looking for. We can provide a twelve (12) months mentoring and capacity building program to help your CEO or Board to ensure that you can achieve outcomes and growth during critical change processes.

During the mentoring period, our Consultants will be available on-call to:

    • guide you to implement your business plan
    • provide you management support and solutions on day-to-day operational matters
    • show you how to use budgeting tools to track spending
    • show you how to set goals to prioritize your work
    • show you how to handle budget blow-outs
    • Guide you with policies and procedures
    • Link you with other support and agencies where necessary.

4)    Business/strategic Planning

We will develop a Business Plan in consultation with you which will include an executive summary, products/programs development, risk management, SWOT analysis, staffing plan, communication plan, quality assurance plan, marketing plan, and a budget. The business plan we develop will not be a paper weight but a living document that reflects your aspirations and dreams for your organisations and shows clear pathways for achieving these goals.

5)    Organisational capacity building workshops

CEO or Board of Directors who are enrolled in the mentoring program will automatically be invited to attend the workshops closest to their geographical position. Whilst we have some broad subject outlines, these workshops will focus on participants’ needs and the current pressures facing regional SMEs.

6)    Advanced Corporate Governance training

This is an advanced training program for boards. The governance of any NFP organisation is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. A governing board has fiduciary responsibilities and ultimate corporate accountability for their business/organisation. This exercise will comprise of Corporate and Financial Governance training. We will help you prepare policies and procedures, code of conduct, confidentiality deed, succession plan and other documents that you will need in order to make sure that your business functions to maintain the corporation’s integrity, reputation, and responsibility to its various stakeholders.